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What We Do
  1. Antenna Design (Modeling & Simulation)
    Antenna Design (Modeling & Simulation)
    Pacific Antenna Systems (PAS) utilizes State of the Art Computer Electromagnetic Modeling & Simulation tools to design elegant and affordable antenna systems for Communications, SATCOM, Radar and High Power Microwave/EW applications
  2. Antenna Manufacturing (Rapid Prototyping)
    Antenna Manufacturing (Rapid Prototyping)
    PAS specializes in solving complex antenna system problems and providing rapid design and prototyping capability for our customers. Services include Design, Consulting, Antenna, Gimbal & Positioner Design & Manufacturing including Safety Analysis
About Us
Pacific Antenna Systems (PAS)  

PAS Mission Statement - 
“Design, Produce and Deliver Innovative and Affordable Antenna System Solutions that Meet our Customer Needs”
Pacific Antenna Systems design history includes over 70 years of Antenna Systems design experience in Communications, Radar, High Power Microwave Antennas and Electronic Warfare.
•Experienced RF Systems Engineering.
•Antenna theory, design, development and measurements
•Control systems and Gimbal design for Airborne and Ground Communications & Radar Antennas.
•Microwave components, design and development
•Structural designs including Finite Element Analysis (FEA), thermodynamics and heat transfer analysis, and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).
• Proof of concepts using analytics and test methods; rapid antenna prototyping (generally 4 – 6 months) from concept to hardware

Pacific Antenna Systems
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